David is a fantastic driving instructor! I did not not pass first time, but this was 100% down to my mistake at a Zebra crossing. He was very patient and calm throughout the lessons, and ensured that I had fun while learning to drive. David is a very friendly individual, making sure you’re relaxed and giving you a great sense of confidence. I would recommend this driving instructor to anyone!
John B. Edinburgh
I had an excellent experience learning to drive with David. His approach helped me to quickly learn the skills required and work through the concepts that I was having trouble with. I also appreciated that David could accommodate my schedule and work in additional sessions to practice whenever we could. I went into the road test with a lot of confidence and it was a great result to pass first time!
Kyle D. Edinburgh
The idea of driving used to terrify me, I therefore put off learning to drive for years until my new job required me to so. After the first lesson with David, all my worries faded. David was friendly, encouraging, clearly very experienced and above all, very patient. I managed to pass first time thanks to David, I just wish I had found him earlier and I could have been a confident driver years ago.
Jamie B. Edinburgh
David was a calm and patient instructor who helped me gain the skills, awareness and confidence that enabled me to pass my test on the first attempt. I found that lessons were well-structured and that each drive built upon existing capabilities, with ample time for review included in the build-up to the test. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking for friendly and professional driving instruction.
Andrew D. Edinburgh
David's calm, patient and methodical approach to lessons was ideal for me as a late starter to driving. This, combined with his driving knowledge and ability as an instructor, played a huge part in me passing my test at the first time of asking. Thank you, David!
Martin B. Edinburgh
I had been learning to drive for just over a year through both my dad and a different instructor. Having failed my practical test three times I went to David for help. In just over 4 hours of lessons David was able to transform my driving and I passed with only a few minors. Thank you!!
James P. Edinburgh
I did trial sessions with a few different instructors before settling with David. I decided to stay with him as my instructor because he was straightforward and professional. The main thing I liked about the lessons with him was that I did not feel like I was driving around aimlessly, every minute of the class had a purpose and that made me feel like I was speeding my money well. He was punctual and would not cancel last minute, so I could stick to a weekly plan. Also, as part of the lesson, he would go through power point presentations on different manoeuvres, that helped me visualise and understand the manoeuvres better. I passed on my first attempt with only 4 minors
Emily Z. Edinburgh
David was quick to respond to my initial query, arranging my first lesson only a few days after I got in contact with him. After assessing my initial capability David started off with the basics (much needed for me as a complete new beginner) but without any babying. He didn't linger longer than was necessary on an area of learning, which helped keep my attention and ensured I didn't get bored of the lessons. David has a very calm energy which helped me remain steady at the wheel even in situations where I felt uncomfortable on the road. David not only taught me how to drive but also emphasised why I should/shouldn't do certain things and what to be aware of while driving. My parents are still very confused as to how I can parallel park so expertly... and it's all down to him!
Kirsty S. Edinburgh
As a nervous learner, I can't recommend David enough. He was patient, calm and understanding, and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my driving test. He was very supportive and accommodating throughout the whole experience and I couldn't have done it without him. In the end, I passed my test with no faults and have been on the road for 8 months with 11,000 miles under my belt. I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive.
Fern Edinburgh
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